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Bon Vivant Educational Tours makes learning memorable by designing and customizing educational experiences for middle and high school teachers and students. As educators, we believe that through educational travel, and exposure to different languages, cultures and environments, students will grow to become more open-minded, more tolerant, and therefore better citizens. We will work with the school to ensure that each student that wants to travel can do so, despite their financial status. Contact us today.

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Whether you want to kick-start the school year with a fall tour and get everybody on-board for the new school year, or reward your class with an end of school trip, there’s always something new to learn and to see. There is no better way to teach culture than to experience it.


You may recall from your own school years how exciting it was to go on a school trip. Not only is it fun, but you can learn so much!

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Enrolling your child on an educational trip is a great investment in their education.

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Friends, fun and new discoveries! Isn’t that the whole purpose of educational travel?

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We’re humbled to be working with such a great variety of clients.