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At Bon Vivant, we don’t sell tours, we offer an opportunity for teachers to make learning memorable for students. You may recall from your own school years how exciting it was to go on a school trip. Not only is it fun, but you can learn so much!

“A teacher affects eternity; he can never tell where his influence stops”.
– The Education of Henry Adams (1907)

We design our trips from a teacher’s perspective and always have the travellers in mind. We believe that hands-on learning while having fun is the best way to go. Travel can have a lasting positive impact. we’ve experienced educational travel ourselves, as teachers, which is why Bon Vivant came into existence. We look forward to sharing our passion with you, and working with you to fit educational travel into your curriculum.

Why go on an educational trip?

There are plenty of reasons to go on an educational trip. We believe that travel complements education in helping students become active, responsible and open-minded citizens. There is no better way to teach culture than to experience it.  Get to know your students while sharing your passion for travel. You’ll be the teacher that inspires them for years to come.


One of the recurring comments that teachers have is how well-balanced Bon Vivant tours are, from educational activities, to self-directed time for students to discover for themselves the amazing sites. We have designed itineraries that are flexible and active, so that students can take part in hands-on activities.  We customize our itinerary to your exact specifications. Everything is possible, when there’s a will, we work to find a way!

Educational partnership

As educators, we believe in the importance of connecting the tour activities with the classroom curriculum. That is why we develop educational material, in addition to organizing the tours. Keeping in mind the vision of Atlantic Canada’s social studies curriculum, our educational units are designed to prepare students for their upcoming tour through meaningful and insightful activities. The idea is to stimulate students before the trip, so that they can take an active role in the learning process. We want them to feel engaged and set the foundation on which to build during the trip.

We also travel to meet with you and your students at the start of the year.. We offer an in-class presentation of the history of the destination, we meet with you, the teacher, to talk about your curriculum objectives in orderto design the best itinerary possible and discuss strategies to get as many students as possible on-board.


We offer well-planned, safe, and budget-conscious tours. Whether you are a school group, a community club or a sports team, we can assist you with approval processes where needed:

  • Detailed itinerary;
  • Proof of insurance;
  • Confirmed hotels;
  • Curriculum links and more.

We understand that organizing a tour takes commitment, time and effort. That is why we offer support throughout the tour-planning process. Bon Vivant works only with the most reputable suppliers at the destination. Each bus includes a dedicated tour leader who stays with the group 24/7 – guaranteed! The tour leaders are energetic, fun, resourceful and knowledgeable and will ensure that students have a great time and that teachers are supported.


Bon Vivant Educational Tours is unmatched for the price-quality ratio of its tours. The final cost of each tour depends on the duration, the hotel, the activities chosen, and also, on the number of participants. As the cost of the bus is a major part of the total cost, it is always better to maximize the occupancy of one or two buses to ensure that the cost stays as low as possible. Once the tour itinerary and cost is confirmed, Bon Vivant works with the school to set up a flexible payment plan. There are never any hidden costs.

Giving back

Many schools opt for fundraising activities to help lower the per participant cost of the tour. At Bon Vivant, we like to go one step further with our All Aboard with Bon Vivant scholarship. Sometimes deserving students may need financial help to be able to participate in the tour. This scholarship is aimed at helping those students.