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Red Bull Crashed Ice …Quebec City in all its glory!

With winter at the door, Quebecers can’t wait to put on their skis, snowshoes, skates, hats and mittens, and enjoy the season’s outdoor sports. Did you know that there are 37,500 hockey teams in organized leagues in Canada according to CBC news (2013)? A real indicator of Canadians’ enthusiasm for hockey and skating in general! As if hockey wasn’t exciting enough, Ice Cross Downhill competitions have established themselves as a new fierce and exciting winter sport that Canadians have whole-heartedly embraced.


On November 27th begins the new series of the Red Bull Crashed Ice Cross Downhill competitions. Known for its steep and scenic course, Quebec City will host the first of a series of 4 races that will be taking place around the world. Having had the opportunity to attend the 2013 edition in the Quebec’s capital city, I can confirm that it’s an exciting event which takes place in an absolutely spectacular setting.


Although locals could hardly imagine themselves roller skating down the Côte de la Montagne’s steep hill, Ice Cross Downhill athletes skate down daringly at speeds that can reach more than 60 km per hour. One of the fun highlights of the event is watching participants in hockey equipment battle their way up and down the course’s hills, while trying to maintain enough speed to make it over the highest bumps.


This year’s first race will be broadcast on Saturday, November 28th, on both English and French sports channels. Make sure not to miss this one-of-a-kind winter happening that will leave you in awe, both from the thrill of the fast descents and from the spectacular winter décor which Quebec City offers.

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